Executive Team

Edward M. Rahill

President and Chief Executive Officer

N. Beth Emery

Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

Carl A. Huslig

Senior Vice President, Corporate and Business Development

Noman L. Williams

Senior Vice President, Engineering & Operations and Chief Operating Officer

J. Calvin Crowder

President, GridLiance South Central Utilities

Justin M. Campbell

President, GridLiance West Utilities

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Board of Directors

Terry Boston


JP Munfa


Edward M. Rahill

President and Chief Executive Officer

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Regional Leadership

Douglas C. Collins

President, MISO Region

Kevin A. Hopper

President, SPP Region

Joseph Dudak

Consultant - Transmission for Renewables

David W. Hilt

Vice President, MISO Central Region

Brett Hooton

Vice President, SPP Region

Paul Jett

Vice President, Midcontinent MCN LLC

Bary Warren

Vice President, MISO South Region

Brian Gedrich

Vice President, South Central Region

Kevin Donnelly

Vice President, Corporate Development

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James E. Useldinger, P.E.

Vice President, Operations

Jody Holland, P.E.

Vice President, Planning

Eric Burkey

Manager, RTO Transmission Planning

Randall Huisinga, P.E.

Manager, Engineering

Rachel Hulett, P.E.

Manager, RTO Transmission Planning

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Timothy S. Salvesen

Vice President, Accounting and Controller

Brian P. Mills

Vice President, Financial Planning and Analysis

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Trent A. Carlson

Vice President, Regulatory and Compliance

John G. (Jay) Carrière

Vice President, Federal Government Affairs

Sarah N. Galioto

Vice President and Assistant General Counsel - Regulatory

A. Joshua Strickland

Vice President and Assistant General Counsel - Corporate

Conor B. Ward

Assistant General Counsel, Regulatory

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