Brett Hooton

Vice President
Corporate Development

Brett Hooton is vice president of Corporate Development for GridLiance, and president of GridLiance High Plains, the company’s operating utility in the Southwest Power Pool (SPP) region. GridLiance partners with municipal utilities, joint action agencies, electric cooperatives and renewable energy developers to address and solve their transmission needs. Most importantly, GridLiance strives to ensure that the load of our partners is served in a comparable manner to other load within SPP. In his role, Hooton oversees GridLiance High Plains activities within SPP, and is responsible for developing new partnerships and working with those partners to unlock the existing value of their transmission assets.

Hooton joined GridLiance after working almost eight years at SPP, where he held a variety of coordination and planning positions. Prior to joining the company, Hooton was SPP’s senior interregional coordinator, where he was responsible for the development, negotiation, and execution of Joint Operating Agreements and other Seams Agreements between SPP and its neighbors. Hooton was also responsible for coordinating the SPP- Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) Coordinated System Plan and the SPP-AECI Joint and Coordinated System Plan. He developed SPP’s Interregional Order 1000 procedures and successfully ushered them through the stakeholder approval process. Additionally, he led the development and approval of SPP’s governing document language for the SPP transmission owner selection process through its stakeholder working groups.

Prior to that, Hooton worked in the Economic Transmission Planning group, where he performed various analyst projects, helped finalize the SPP Balanced Portfolio and helped develop and implement the first round of SPP’s ITP-20 and ITP-10 assessments.

In addition to his work at SPP, Hooton was appointed by the Governor of Arkansas to chair Arkansas’ Open Data and Transparency Task Force and served in that role for a year, until the Arkansas Legislature passed the legislation proposed by the task force. Hooton previously served on the Saline County Election Commission, serving as Chairman for his final 3.5 years on the Commission.

Hooton received his Bachelor of Science in economics and Bachelor of Arts in political science from Arkansas Tech University.