Partnering with GridLiance is the smart way to solve your utility’s challenges. Your needs are unique and our solutions are flexible and customized for you. From transmission infrastructure and operations to regulatory and compliance requirements, we’ll work with you to strategically analyze your business and help you find the best way to better serve your customers.

We’ll be your voice with state and federal regulators and ensure that your transmissions needs are heard in the regional transmission organization planning process.

Small or large, we’ll help tackle your transmission needs.


When you work with GridLiance, it’s all about creative cost options – options that allow you to serve your customers cost-effectively. Take advantage of an upfront capital investment to your utility or share in future investments. You won’t need to rely solely on bonds, your own capital or other financing to get your transmission project off the ground. Our unique business model offers partners the option, not the obligation to invest in any project.

A smart financial solution will lead to financial benefits including future revenues, economic development opportunities and lower costs to your customers.


GridLiance believes in collaboration, and in partnerships. We become an extension of your team and, along with you, value the commitment to your community. Our quality leadership team brings decades of experience to your projects and ensures you get a fair seat at the table in the regional transmission planning process. We’ll ensure your unique challenges are seen and addressed.

We want to work side-by-side with you on upfront investments, infrastructure improvements, new builds or acquisitions. We’ll be your financial partner, your planning partner and your reliability partner, now and into the future.



“GridLiance is the ideal long-term partner for TCEC and our members. We closed on the sale of our 410 miles of transmission to GridLiance in April 2016 and we are excited about the progress GridLiance has already achieved. Their first set of projects came in under budget and ahead of schedule.”
 Zac Perkins, CEO
Tri-County Electric Cooperative (TCEC)


“The ever changing regulatory and tariff process makes it difficult for a small distribution utility like Nixa to operate transmission today.  That is why we are glad to partner with GridLiance, who will handle operations and compliance issues while ensuring the residents of Nixa continue to enjoy reliable transmission service.”
Doug Colvin, Director of Nixa Utilities and Public Works
City of Nixa



GridLiance currently owns and operates transmission facilities in Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Nevada and Oklahoma, has long term agreements with partners operating in Missouri, Oklahoma, Nevada, Texas, and Kansas, and is negotiating new arrangements with utilities in several other states.