Ethics and Code of Conduct

GridLiance is committed to preserving its reputation for excellence and integrity in everything we do.

GridLiance, its directors, officers, and employees understand fully that integrity, honesty and sound ethical judgment are fundamental to our reputation and our success.

In addition to our four cornerstone values of Respect, Trust, Ownership, and Balance, code of conduct is governed by the following three mandates:

  1. Treat everyone — employees, clients, vendors and guests — with dignity and respect, and taking individual responsibility for maintaining that a respectful work environment at GridLiance.
  2. Honor confidential information, both that which is entrusted to GridLiance from outside, and our own internal information.
  3. Avoid conflicts of interest, meaning no employee’s private interest can interfere or even have the appearance of interfering with the interests of the Firm

At GridLiance’s Employee Standards of Conduct summarizes the principles of conduct that GridLiance and its subsidiaries follow to ensure integrity and compliance with the law. Our Code of Conduct is designed to establish and maintain a high level of ethical business conduct and enforce compliance with applicable legal requirements. We adhere to regulatory requirements for our industry and advocate on behalf of our partners for safe and reliable transmission service.

You will find a full text of our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics here.